Countdown on the Use of Mobile Phones

We take mobile phones for granted these days. Those with long enough memories will remember the first phones which weighed two kilos. It was like carrying a case and was utterly dependent upon the network coverage that in those days was in its infancy. Network coverage is still essential of course but only remote areas have no coverage at all and where the signal might be weak it is easy and inexpensive for people to get boosters to improve the signal instantly.

It is worth listing the top 5 things, in reverse order that we use our mobile phones for other than of course actually making calls.


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Downloading and playing music

The downloading and playing of music is becoming increasingly popular. The latest mobile phones have wonderful modern technology that could only have been dreamt about by owners of that 2 kilo phone.

Downloading and playing games

This is a market that can be divided into two, the youngsters looking for the latest games and those who may be staying at home and looking for something to amuse them; perhaps a game of cards is a good example.

Downloading and using applications

Manufacturers are regularly introducing new ‘apps’ to make mobile use even better and more convenient.

Surfing the Internet

Accessing the Internet is a standard feature of the phones that people are buying. As long as there is coverage you might spend a huge amount of time online. You could even run a business on a mobile phone if you so wished.


Sending texts is still number one with most mobile owners sending at least a text a day. It has led to a new language almost; certainly abbreviated words are the norm. Texting has actually led to fewer people actually ringing up and saying hello. It has replaced the spoken word in many cases.

You may ask how we all managed without a mobile phone and the question is difficult to answer. Certainly in times of emergency or when you are late for any important appointment your choices used to be limited. You had to find a land line and hope that the person you wanted to contact was on the other end of the phone.

In today’s world it is a matter of mobile to mobile. If you are caught in a traffic jam you can let people know. If there is an emergency of any kind you can alert people instantly. It is certainly comforting to know that you have a mobile phone in your pocket just in case.

The only proviso is network coverage which has become most comprehensive since those early days. A signal sometimes needs a boost if there is no mast close by but if there is any signal at all there is a remedy. A booster cannot solve the problem when there is no signal at all however. That requires a different remedy.

A Mobile Signal Booster will improve a weak signal so that you need never worry about missing a call or being unable to send that all important text. If you contact a good supplier you will get all the help you need.

Tom Clark

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