Effective Online Marketing for New E-Commerce Portals

Effective online marketing across language barriers

In the modern business environment, it is essential for start-ups and established companies alike to be able to communicate with their customers, regardless of their location; a marketing message is useless if it’s not being heard, or understood, after all.

While creating effective media campaigns that will appeal to a “home crowd” is relatively easy once a company has established its brand image and gained the knowhow to communicate on a larger scale, ensuring that their message is heard in another language is more complex, particularly when breaking down language barriers also involves interpreting gestures, controlling the use of certain images and deconstructing symbols.

It’s true that English is spoken across the world, and in many different markets, but it is, naturally, better for companies to transmit marketing campaigns that will engage with potential customers in their native language. This is particularly true in terms of growing markets, which will one day be the future giants of global business, such as India, China and the Middle East. In order to build effective business relationships with the companies of tomorrow, it is essential to capture their attention today.

Global digital marketing

There are numerous things for companies to consider when it comes to planning a marketing campaign aimed at international consumers in multiple countries around the world, least of all coordinating each element of the campaign across social media and digital platforms. Companies need to address a few key issues, namely who their typical customer is, what that customer likes and enjoys, and how a direct marketing message is most likely to be received. Businesses must conduct their research, use local insight to the best of their abilities, be prepared to embrace different languages and cultures, and produce visuals and graphics that will be understood no matter how and where they’re seen – now is the time to get creative. Working on such a campaign will often demand a native speaker as well as marketing experts, in addition to somebody who’s able to translate cultural references so that campaigns still make sense no matter where they’re viewed.

When it comes to planning a successful marketing campaign, companies would do well to seek out inspiration from those currently enjoying success on the global stage. Fahad Al-Rajaan, the former director of Ahli United Bank, and chairman of the Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium, is one such example. Embracing Western influences and culture like never before, the Middle East, and in particular Kuwait, has begun to dominate global business in a way that appeals to consumers from around the world; marketing campaigns are internationally understood and admired, and it’s entrepreneurs such as Fahad Al Rajaan, and his comprehension of marketing across language barriers, that has introduced such economic success to the region.

More and more, businesses are moving into the realms of international marketing campaigns when it comes to selling products and services that will appeal to a far wider audience. Increasing numbers of companies are operating on a global scale, and so it has never been more important for there to be an effective means of communicating across language barriers.


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