Guide on Uninstalling Safari with Movavi Mac Cleaner

When you try to delete Safari browser in the Trash, a pop up will appear and tell you that the Safari app is a system app that you cannot modify or delete. The reason it gives is that the Safari app is a necessary app that is required in Mac OS X. Actually, you don’t have to keep safari browser on your Mac computer. Deleting the Safari app will not bring any harm to your Mac computer. You might be wondering how to uninstall Safari when you keep on getting error message from dragging to the Trash. The only way to delete Safari is to uninstall it through the uninstaller provided by a Mac cleaner software.

In Movavi Mac Cleaner, you have to go to the Uninstaller tab to uninstall any app that you no longer need. Since Safari is a default system app, you must select the OS X app tab to find the Safari browser. Here, it will list all the default OS X apps that are installed on your Mac computer. You can right click to arrange the list alphabetically so that you can quickly scroll down to the part of the app that start with S to find the Safari browser.

After locating the Safari browser in the OS X Apps tab, make sure it is selected before you click the Remove button. If there are any other OS X system apps that you don’t need, you can also check them and get them uninstalled to free up some more extra space from the hard disk. Many people do not have any use for the system apps that come with the Mac computer that they purchase. You can only delete multiple apps in the same tab at the same time. This means you can’t select the apps in OS X tab and User Apps tab to be deleted at the same time when you click the Remove button.

A pop up window with a progress bar will appear to show you that the uninstallation process is now being taken place. If it is just one app, it should take one second to uninstall it. It can take longer if you have selected a lot of apps to be uninstalled at one time. Once the Safari app is deleted, it will no longer appear in the apps list in the OS X Apps tab. No leftover file will remain if you use the uninstaller in Movavi Mac Cleaner to uninstall the applications. It will show you the total size of the apps you select so you can check the apps accordingly based on how much space you would like to free up on the hard disk.

It is very convenient to uninstall apps in the uninstaller because it gives you a quick glance on how much space each app is occupying on the hard disk. The uninstaller in Movavi Mac Cleaner will safely remove the app from your Mac without causing any problem for other applications on your computer.


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