Home Automation Gadgets to Watch for in 2013

Home Automation Gadgets

With home automation gadgets, your life becomes much easier since they link straight to your home network. The idea of home automation has been supported for a while; however the actual realization of it did not happen until now. The price of home automation has been the leading deterrent of launching this idea. In fact, only the wealthy were thought to have access to home automation. These days, however, affordable home automation gadgets are popping up more than ever and people everywhere are taking advantage of them. Below are only some of the available smart home automation gadgets that are available today.

Smart Camera

If you are looking to keep an eye on your home regardless of where you are, the smart video camera is it. You can use your smartphone, computer or tablet to watch your home from anywhere due to the Wi-Fi connectivity of the modern cameras. Keep in mind, there are some additional costs to it, as once you have installed the camera, you are able to watch over the Internet for no charge, but if you are looking to store, review or save any video or use features that are more advanced, there can be an extra monthly fee attached.

Keyless Entry System

This system enables you to enter your home using a key code. In some cases, there are systems that will alert you by alarm if forced entry seems present. You no longer have to worry about locking yourself out of your home with a keyless entry system and the built-in alarm will provide you will peace of mind. This peace of mind does not come cheap though, costing over $200 per lock, but is well worth the investment.

All-in-One System

If you have a tablet or smartphone with a Wi-Fi connection, as well as an all-in-one system like the Control4 home automation system, you will have full control over your entire home with a click of the button. You can use your tablet or smartphone to work the all-in-one system through a touchscreen-capable remote, streamline your home automation experience into a custom-programmed, powerful, and seamless package. With an app like the Control4, you can control things such as:

  • Video and Audio devices

  • Thermostat

  • Webcams

  • Indoor and Outdoor lighting

  • Alarm clocks

  • Cooling and Heating systems

  • Home Security system

  • Music creation and play list

    You can turn your lights on and off no matter where you are, and you can even set up your heating or air conditioning before you come home.

    Wireless Video Doorbell

    The wireless video doorbell like the DoorBot shows you exactly how our phones are continuing to control and integrate into our lives. A wireless video doorbell like the DoorBot works through your tablet or phone through your home network. There is a doorbell and video camera included on the device. Instead of having the doorbell ring in your home, with this type of system, it will ring your phone through the app once you activate it. Regardless if you are away or at home, you can instantly see who is at your door. Just like when phone calls come in, you can ignore the visitors or speak to them. Also, unwanted solicitors are no longer a problem with this type of system. It even offers a bit of home security by giving off the illusion to thieves that you are home.

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