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How to Build a Solid Reputation

Building a good reputation can take years. Having it destroyed takes just seconds. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, or what type of business, you cannot get a reputation overnight. Instead, it is something that you earn through hard work.


Reputation management is about maintaining a good reputation, and enabling you to enjoy the benefits it brings. At the same time, it is about making sure you don’t make a tiny little mistake that instantly destroys all the hard work that you have done. In today’s online world, it literally takes just a few seconds for the entire world to revise their opinion on you – in a bad way. So how do you avoid this?

Keep Your Promises

First of all, you should always be able to keep your promises and honor your obligations. This means you should not overdo, overestimate, overextend or overpromise yourself. You have to be balance and look after yourself as well. This will build a professional identity. If someone asks you to complete something and it will take you very long to complete it because of your current workload, you must be honest about it. Being honest will earn you a positive reputation much quicker than completing something too quickly and doing a shoddy job (or not completing it at all).

Professional Communication Is Key

With the advent of social media, people feel like they can say whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want. In fact, there are some people who make being a keyboard warrior into a veritable sport. It may be tempting to react emotively if someone leaves you a comment with swearwords and perhaps even threats. Don’t give in to that temptation. Respond professionally, but also individually – a standard reply will not do.

Be Loyal, Trustworthy and Genuine

People believe people who are genuine. And when people believe you, they trust you. And they will only trust you if you are also loyal. The three are totally interconnected and you must focus on things. You won’t be credible until you demonstrate that your skills, intelligence, qualifications and experience set you apart as a true expert, but that is only half the batter. It is by showing people that they can trust you and that you are loyal, that they will truly help you build a positive reputation. You must uphold your principles at all times, in other words.

Give Compliments

If you are good at what you do, it is ok to talk about that. However, you have to be careful to not become arrogant. They always say that people should ask wealthy individuals who say they became right through hard work, whose hard work they are talking about. Achieving good things is never something that you did all on your own, without any help, so make sure you manage people who helped you to become who you are today. This makes you more approachable and honest, and will build your reputation overall.


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