How to Edit an Android Ringtone and Set It Up for Specific Contacts

Smartphones are now dominating the mobile industry. There are many companies who are providing various models of smartphones. One of them is the Android smartphones. These devices offer you to do various tasks using them. They also support many new and standard formats. Out of many exiting features different kinds of ringtones is one. Now you can use your favourite ringtones in your smartphone in a standard format of your choice. Not only that you can even make your own ringtones and set different ringtones for different contacts. This can be done easily by just following the steps mentioned below.


Now You Can Create Your Own Ringtones and Set Them for Specific Contacts

One effective way to create a ringtone is by downloading a ringtone maker application ad using it make the desired ringtones.

1. Downloading the Application:

First go to Google play from your device using the Google play mobile application. After that search for a ringtone maker application on Google play android market. You can download any of the top rated free ringtone maker apps.

2. Installing the Application:

After the app downloads go to your notification and open the folder the app is in. Then click install button and follow the instructions. It will install the application on your phone.

3. Using the Application:

The application can be used in two ways. You can either download ringtones and edit or edit the MP3 you already have to make it a ringtone.

4. Downloading Ringtones:

You can download ringtones for android using the application or the web. You just need to type what are you exactly looking for in the search bar and then press search. You will see many results regarding your query. You can download from those options.

5. Editing According to Your Preference:

You can now edit the ringtone. You have to click on the edit button which will ask for a location. You will have to provide the location of your downloaded ringtone or existing MP3 file. You can then edit the file as you want. For example you can cut the specific part of the tone from the rest of the tone. After you are done with editing you will have to save it. Click the save button to do so.

6. Setting Ringtone for Specific Contact:

After you have saved you will find an option to add to contact. Click on that button to add the ringtone to a specific contact. If that option is not available you can do the following:

7. Click on Contacts:

Click on the contacts button from applications menu or home menu. You will see your contacts.

8. Set the Ringtone:

Find the contact you want to add a specific ringtone and click on the menu button. You will find set ringtone. Click on it and you will find many ringtones. Select the ringtone you want to use and use it accordingly.


Out of many utilities of android the customizable ringtone feature adds more excitement to the user experience. Now you can identify who is calling you just by listening to your ringtone.

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