Industrial Portable Ducted Air Conditioning Hire

Air ConditioningAn industrial portable ducted air conditioning device is a piece of machinery which pumps concentrated cold air into a specific location. It’s ideal for enclosed offices and open plan areas during the hot summer months. There are many benefits to hiring one of these devices from a company like CAS Hire.


Here are the main advantages you gain from investing in one of these machines.


By Hire

If you decide to hire instead of buy, you save money because you can hire it during the summer months. If you decided to buy one instead, you would need to wait for years before you recovered your investment. It would stand and gather dust during the winter months, or if it’s a cold summer.



A lot of people forget how hot temperatures outside can impact the way your equipment runs. If it’s searing, the equipment can overheat and damage itself. Most machinery has internal cooling systems, but they’re not always sufficient for keeping everything nice and cool.


By installing one of these machines in the correct space, you can aid these internal cooling systems and prevent them from overheating.


Within the Law

Currently, there are no laws in the UK specifying how high the temperature needs to be to send your employees home. With the recent heat wave, it’s likely such a law will be brought into force at some point. Get prepared now by hiring yourself one of these cooling devices.


By keeping your workplace cool, you aren’t breaking any regulations. Furthermore, even without a legal limit there comes a point where you’re endangering the health of your workforce. Refrigerated air blasted into a warm room can do much to alleviate the problems.



We’re at our most efficient when we’re comfortable. In the hot weather everyone slows down and things grind to a halt. This doesn’t help your business, especially if you have lots of tight deadlines. You need to get your workforce moving. By placing them in an environment where they’re shielded from the heat, they can ignore the sweat pouring out of them and get back to work.


Efficiency translates to money in the business world. The better and harder your workforce can work, the better they are at doing their jobs and the more money they’ll make for your company.


Easy to Install

It takes very little technical expertise to install an air conditioning unit inside your place of business. A technician who delivers the unit will be able to fit it. They can be fitted for both permanent and semi-permanent usage. A permanent fitting might be better for companies who intend on hiring a unit on a long-term basis.



As well as being more cost effective due to the fact they’re hired from CAS Hire, they’re more economical in general. Rather than using a lot of energy to pump air into the room, they reduce their energy output so they don’t add a great deal to your energy bills. It makes them amongst the most economical units around.


This article is brought to you on behalf of CAS Hire.

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