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iPage Updates To Newest Version of Weebly Website Builder

Web hosting company iPage has updated to the newest version of Weebly Website Builder. Go through this post to find out what Weebly enables you to do.

The Host of features offered by Weebly Website Builder

This particular website builder lets you do virtually everything. Read on to find out details.

iPage is a user-friendly hosting platform which lets you create a new website just within 5 minutes—not to forget, that the websites that you end up creating look professional, purposeful and compelling at the same time. You can see the full review of iPage at Provided below are the ways in which Weebly helps you while creating websites.


Weebly makes it easy for you to create a blog. The site builder is backed by exceptional drag and drop capabilities. Users just need a few clicks to add new blog posts. Additionally, you can customize those posts with amazing videos, photo galleries, audio clips and much more.

A wide array of templates

There are around hundreds of templates to choose from. Each of these templates looks professional and can be customized in terms of colors, fonts, sizes, themes and more. Thanks to its point and click design options, you can now create sites without having prior web expertise. The Advanced Theme Editor is designed for those who have due knowledge of CSS and HTML code. This particular tool helps you make the most of this platform when it comes to your website design.


Weebly allows you to upload audio and video files easily on your site and they will automatically be rendered suitable for playback directly from your site. Your users need not download these files on a different media player but see and listen to videos right on your site itself. As far as professionalism is concerned, you really don’t need to look elsewhere except Weebly.


iPage has sincerely offered quality web experience to users without charging a fortune for the same. According to HRBox Chief Systems Administrator Alex Mihailov, iPage has a palpable method of drawing customers. They offer superior hosting experience within competitive price brackets – and once their clients use their platform, they become sure of the quality offered by them and end up recommending them to peers and friends. He even opines that the platform will witness further growth in future – thanks to the fact that the product speaks for itself. The company does not need any other tool to promote the platform.

Slideshows and photo galleries

If you want to customize your site with photos and slideshows to add a unique texture to your website, you can access the rich gallery offered by Weebly. You don’t have to do anything except choose these photos, and the web builder will make them pop up with transition effects.

Then, there is a drag and drop option, which helps you gather feedback, comments and other pieces of information from your visitors in an efficient fashion. Don’t miss out on the pre-built surveys and RSVP’s as well.

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