Newer and Most Creative Methods to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

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Blogging today has reached a phase where you have the best of communication and the most of networking facilities. People read what you have done and make sure that you visit their blogs from time to time. Countless bloggers have this complaint that they are not seeing an increase in their blog stats in spite of sharing the post on Google +, Twitter, Facebook and such social networking sites.

Today Blogging is what works in IM in 2013 and it is the best way you could introduce your content to the world with a touch of style, class, and elegance. But readership is something that is very important in publicizing a blog. So, the question arises as to how best you would be able to make your blog noticeable and readable too. This is a signal for you that you have to promote your content in wider spectra of platforms. Usually, bloggers focus only on the common social media platforms. However, to have a competitive advantage over the rest of the sites would require you to focus on an audience that will pay attention to your site. This is possible if you publicize yourself in the lesser know networking sites. These are the websites where the audience is more but the competition is less. So let us see how best your content can become popular.

First Trick to Get People to Read Your Blog

There are innumerable social media sites today but there are some sites, which really succeed in catapulting your content up the blog chart. There are sites where you have question answer sessions thus creating an interaction between the blogger and the reader. There are also micro blogging sites, which attract the younger readers due to their quick, fast, and easy readability requirements. Then you have sites, which help users to broadcast content across to many other social networks. These days with the growing trend of Android and iPhone devices, there are ways to reach out tto people on their phones. There are many reading sites, which provide easy access to your content on the phone.

Make Your Blog Attractive to All

You may think that your blog is quite attractive, but only content, design, and colour is not enough. You have to bring about an interest element in you blogs that would be your patent trademark. People should come to your blog expecting a consistency that is not only magnetic but also predictable. This would give them that comfort and ease for interacting with your blog. Add cover images, videos, sound files and such applications, which involve the reader’s intellect.

There are other methods like having a slide share for your content. Have a small review slide show detailing about your content. An overview of the blog post with required slides and a link back to the original content ensures more readerships. Also, have a presentation at the end of the content and link it back to the slide show. Extend the reach of the slide show to other social media sites like Interest, Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

Pin It Up and Photo Viewing Facilities

You have many sites today, which help you to pin up an image and give a short description about the pin, which will take you to the original website where your content will be found. All these methods only help to publicize the blog even more. Today there are facilities like Instagram, which help you to update the feed of the images. So share your main image with the post title and let all the organic traffic come to your blog.  In this manner, blogging is a passion and a creative field of work, but to excel in it you should also know how best to publicize it and bring in the readership value.

Author bio: Ken Moris is a tech enthusiast who is working as an internet marketer in a reputed SEO firm in London. He also writes his own internet marketing blog and provides the tips on what works in IM in 2013. You may check out more about him and his newer internet marketing ideas at his blog.



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