Repairing Your Reputation is Vital

Computers and the internet are a key part of our everyday lives we take them for granted and we would be lost without them. Our children cannot believe there was ever a time before the internet or online gaming to the sophisticated levels of today. A three-year-old can tell you confidently how to log onto the internet and go to their favorite site.

There are so many positives due to the advancement in technology for both the individual and a business. A company can launce a fabulous marketing campaign which can significantly increase sales, but there can be some downsides especially in the business world and relating to your reputation. Competition amongst businesses has always understandably existed and the internet gives a sometimes, unfair platform to attack your competitors and repairing your reputation will be essential.

Policing of what goes on the internet is very minimal if non-existent, even though we need it more than ever, and there isn’t even a simple or cheap path to retaliate within the legal US framework, now some companies or individuals have realised they can tarnish a good person or businesses name and reputation.

We know ourselves that the first thing we do when deciding where to head on holiday or which hotel or product to use or buy we go to the internet and check out the reviews and ratings of the company or product we are considering. We compare a few and opt for the one with the most positive, or put another way, the least negative feedback.

The problem is we can only believe what we read to be true, in reality the bad publicity placed on the internet may not be a fair description. Sometimes disgruntled employees or even trolls will take a dislike to a certain person or company and will set out with a plan to attack its good name. Competitors for example two companies close by might decide that as their business is not going well they need to discredit their closest competitor.

Such negative comments and campaigns will have an enormous undesirable impact on the business. A brand which has taken months and years to build up can be destroyed within a couple of weeks of constant undesirable internet comments. There are two ways to counteract this litigation is the first on. Unfortunately, the internet is or can be anonymous and the costs to track them down and then prosecute them could be extremely timely and costly and then there is nothing stopping them anonymously restarting the hate campaign after you have potentially wasted your time and your money.

The other option is to negate the bad press and build positive engagements around your products or company, spread them far and wide across the internet and encourage your team, family, friends and supplier to do the same. Spread the good word! It is wise to engage a company who is exert in this field to do it for you as it can be a quite time-consuming task and will require a lot of knowledge and expertise to mend your reputation as quickly as possible.





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