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Search Engine Optimization is Here to Stay

The number one success in the search engine optimization world is to get marked as the number one ranking web address on google. So how do you do it? Well first you need to put a lot of hard work, effort and determination into the task. Then do some research into the current buzz around search engine optimization and add this to your website. Be prepared for trial and error when you are working out what helps and what doesn’t help. Others suggest that you make a lot of reference to your geographical location, name the city and the state you are in.

Some SEO firms believe that articles of 2,000 words are the key and target to getting the number one spot, some SEO experts believe that they have proof that higher word counts obtain a higher spot in the listings.

Other keys to success in the SEO world include working with clients in the web design and PR worlds. You can refer clients to each other. You could offer a finder’s fee to them. This could be a very positive and lucrative move.

Another good piece of advice is to be seem, answer questions on blogs, share your expertise this will get your name known but always make your information useful and do not pitch for business in this way.

Your website is going to be one of the most important keys to your SEO business, there are lots of different schools of thought on this some believe that an SEO website should be all singing and all dancing others think it should be clean and simple and to the point. Perhaps you need to go with your gut and stamp your character on the website.

Why not get involved in live chats. This gives your potential customers the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to their concerns and it gives you am extremely advantageous platform upon which to to sell yourself and your brand

The benefit of being able to say that your website got to a Google number one spot is unambiguous. Your potential customers will need to look no further, as you have accomplished what they are seeking and hoping to achieve

There is also debate over how much capital you may need to start up your business, some say just enough money to survive and others say thousands of dollars. Again, you just need to do what feels right for you and keeps the wolf from the door.

The biggest concern for most start out companies is what do I need to charge, it is always a tricky topic and there is wide variety of prices in the SEO world. The most common way is to charge a client an hourly rate, but you could also offer a fixed price strategy – this will appeal to smaller businesses who will need to know exactly what their SEO spend will be. You can also do a mixture of both where you offer a fixed cost for your service but then an hourly cost for reporting to them and checking the website’s visibility and so on.





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