The Process of Managing Your Reputation Online

Building up a positive reputation generally takes years of hard work and consistent dedication to your product, brand and customers. Earning the latter’s trust is incredibly difficult. Worst of all, losing that trust takes just a single minute. One scathing review posted on your website or social media profile, and your entire reputation will be destroyed. This is why it is so important that you have a systematic online reputation management strategy in place.

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If your reputation has been damaged, it will take more than a couple of days to restore it. However, it can be done. And once you have restored it, you can get to work on maintaining it properly. Reputation management has to be seen as a strategic approach that maintains, monitors and creates a positive brand image.

Many times, when you find a reputation management company, they will also offer you search engine optimization (SEO) services. This is because the two, while separate things, do go hand in hand. As you build your reputation, you will become more visible online, which is the essence of SEO. Plus, if you rank high in the search engines, which is achieved through SEO, your reputation will also grow.

Online Reputation Management Strategies

  1. Working on your search engine results page (SERP) ranking.
  2. Have an effective SEO strategy in place so that any positive comments about your product or company are brought to the top of Google, and any bad ones are pushed back to the second or third page of results.
  3. Create and endorse sites and webpages that show all the good things about your company.

The third element is perhaps the most important of all. Essentially, you will create micro-sites and sister-sites that are optimized for keywords that are relevant to you and your business. In so doing, the secondary site gains a keyword ranking and ends up on the first page of Google. Achieving this is generally far easier than any other type of SEO efforts. If you manage to do this, and do it with a number of different micro-sites, then any website that had a negative comment posted about you will end up pushed into the background. On the other hand, so will the ones with the positive reviews, so you need to plan this very carefully.

Preventing Bad Comments from Being Found

They say that once something is online, it will never disappear again and this is true to an extent. Not just that, you have no control over what other people have said, so you physically can’t remove things. The exception is if someone were to write on your Facebook page, in which case you can take it off. Doing so, however, will only damage your reputation even further, because the person whose comment you deleted can link to you in different ways, and they will then be able to do this without you being able to remove it. It is better, therefore, to take efforts that make you look better, pushing the negative images far down the list.



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