The Top Five Benefits You should Know about Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft is the leader in office technology and applications for very good reasons: these applications are incredibly efficient and easy to use. The software has basically taken over the world, despite the various groups trying to compete or block the computer software market domination. And Microsoft’s progress and innovative thinking does not stop – time and time again they amaze us with new updates and different offers that change the way we do business. Microsoft Office 365 is no exception: it’s new, and it’s going to change things once more. Wondering what it’s all about? Here are the top five benefits you should know about Microsoft Office 365.

Better coordination

You already know the programmes and application that you’re going to use; they are the most common ones, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (among others). However, the Office 365 version offers much better coordination between the applications and ensures that there is seamless collaboration. For example, it’s easy to see when other people are editing a document, or when people are broadcasting your presentation.

Anytime, anywhere

Because most of the computing and other services are cloud-based (meaning, the data is stored on a device other than the one that you are using), your work can be done anytime and anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. It’s perfect for those who are on the road or those who have to work at places other than the office.

They keep it simple

As with all the other versions of Microsoft Office, Office 365 is incredibly easy to learn and use, because Microsoft likes to keep it simple and straightforward. This is equally true for all the updates that periodically happen – in just a few minutes you understand exactly what the new features are.

Security is important

Since everything happens on the cloud, security is incredibly important, and Office 365 is set up to scan for spam and malicious software on a constant basis.

You’ve got a guarantee

Office 365, as a Microsoft Office 365 Consultant / SharePoint Consultant from will testify, is created with reliability, performance, and availability in mind – that’s its sole purpose. To ensure this, there’s a financially backed service level agreement.

And there are more benefits – many more. For example, with Microsoft Office 365 you have more flexibility when it comes to your business with the pay-as-you-go options that are available. Furthermore, Office 365 gives you a much better profile and professional image for your business. There are also better communication options for your enterprise (like a 50-Gigabyte mailbox, for example), and the ability to create a password protected portal for those large files that are usually hard to send. Microsoft has done it again, and it’s certainly worth checking out the Office 365. You and your business would be missing out if you didn’t.

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