Ways to Improve Customer Service with VoIP

 “Get your head out of the clouds!” We’ve all heard that before. It’s usually a warning against dreaming too big. The funny thing is, we’ll all be living in the Cloud before too long.


Even if you haven’t spent much time thinking about what it really means, you’ve probably heard about this fabled “cloud” before now. Maybe you’ve even thought about it as something fleeting, just the latest in a ceaseless march of trends that will be overshadowed by the next one.


The thing is, it’s looking more and more like the Cloud is here to stay, and it’s making its way into each of our digital lives more and more each day.


Of course, the Cloud is much more than just a place to store our digital selves. It’s also a powerful tool for business. In fact, the Cloud has been responsible for some truly transformative trends in the ways we keep in touch and do business.


VoIP, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol or Internet Phone, has become something of a paradigm shift for the way that businesses keep in touch with employees and customers alike. Cloud phone systems make communication easier than ever. Traditional office telephone systems are expensive to install and maintain, and fraught with frustrations. Their cloud-based counterparts are easy to scale for growing businesses, and offer a suite of convenient features that you won’t get from the phone company.


The advantages of VoIP are manifold, and will improve your life as well as the lives of your customers. In other words, VoIP can be a huge boon for your customer service, which in turn is a huge boon for your bottom line.


An office telephone system from a VoIP provider is perfect for small and large businesses alike. With a host of features that can help ensure that each call is answered by a live person – or by a frustration-free series of menus – business owners can choose what’s best for the size and nature of their business.


Perhaps most significantly, VoIP offers a way for you to always be in touch. There was a time when, if you stepped away from your desk, your work day ceased altogether. You were effectively out of touch with your customers. Cloud phone systems are changing all of that. With VoIP, you can have your business-related calls forwarded to almost any device of your choosing. Even if you leave your work phone at the office, you can make and receive business calls on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even better, you can retrieve your voicemail from any of your devices as well, ensuring that your all-important customers are never out of touch. You won’t have to wonder if you’re missing something important when you go home for the day, or that your customers will take their business elsewhere because they can’t get through to you.


VoIP also makes the administration of your phone system nearly effortless. Any computer that’s a part of your VoIP network can be used to make changes to the system, ensuring that there’s virtually no downtime as the nature of your business or customer service changes.


If you’re looking for a way to connect with your customers in a more meaningful and convenient way, VoIP may well represent the next step of your company’s growth.


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