Website ranking – What strategies work best

The number of SEO experts operating in this field is innumerable. And if you just sit back and analyze their track record, you will find that most of them have more or less followed the same tricks and techniques. What differs is the time of application of those strategies and techniques and the situation that demand the use of the same. Identifiably, the different SEO strategies that experts make use of include On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Link Building, and the other technical aspects.

Mantra of success for any SEO firm

The mantra of success for any SEO firm is customizing the SEO strategies according to the need of the client. And this is what the Dallas SEO Geek does well for clients at and especially lawyers: No wonders they hold a very respectable place among the business identities that hire their services.

In this article, we will find out what makes them tick and remain on the top slot and what makes them much sought after SEO service provider. So, read on to know more about their journey.

  • On Page SEODesigning a website is much more than making it looking good. This is just a very small part of the whole story. More important are the visitors and how they behave when they land up on your website. The longer the visitor stays on your webpage the better it is. And if it is vice versa, then your website is said to have a higher bounce rate, which is not at all a desirable trait to get good ranking in the search engines. If you are able to hold back your visitors for a longer time, your website will eventually get a good ranking. This is because staying longer on the webpage usually indicates that your website is interesting.

  • Content quality – It is important to have high quality content on your website, which is necessarily updated on a regular basis. If a visitor lands up on the website and finds the same stale content every time, eventually he loses interest in your website assuming that the website is never updated and does not provide up to date information.

  • Image SEO –These days image SEO is proving to be very beneficial if used in an appropriate manner. By using the correct images and most importantly of an excellent resolution, the task is half done. Experts are of the opinion that an image is retained longer in the minds of the readers as compared to text, which does not linger on for long. As such, making the website appealing to the visitors by making use of images and videos can work wonders. For instance, if you are trying to convey a message to your readers through text, it will take more time to register in the mind as compared to images that have a lasting impact on the minds of the readers.

  • Power and ability to link – The ability to work upon links is a crucial part of SEO, Which has been mastered by the Dallas SEO Geek. If you are on the lookout for a guide that can help you to make your web presence felt, you can always seek refuge in the experts.



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