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What Makes Mobistealth Better Than Other iPhone Monitoring Apps

Monitoring apps have become a norm. There are a ton of them available for iPhones, but one tool that has managed to stay on top of its game by consistently offering new and helpful features is Mobistealth. It is always coming up with new ways of monitoring, and all of its offerings are intended to enhance its users’ experience. If we go into detail about each feature available in this solution, it will consume a whole lot of time. So instead, we will focus on the points which highlight why is a better option than other iPhone monitoring apps.

No Jailbreak Required

Most of the monitoring apps available on iPhone require users to jailbreak their device, which just isn’t feasible for a large number of people. Jail-breaking a device voids the warranty, opens it up to external threats, and cuts users off from the official network. Realizing how annoying this can be, the team behind Mobistealth ensured that iPhone users don’t require any kind of jailbreak to run their app. Going even a step further, the team even made it possible to monitor the device without having to install anything on it.

Wide Social Media Monitoring Scope

There are a few monitoring tools that enable users to keep an eye on some of the social networks, but Mobistealth keeps an eye on the trend and strives to provide users with monitoring options that aren’t available anywhere else. Kik, LINE and Viber monitoring on Mobistealth are the biggest examples of that. Not a lot of developers are paying attention to these apps as their focus is only on WhatsApp. However, the team behind Mobistealth does their research and knows what’s hot in the market and provides solution in accordance. Kik, LINE and Viber have grown in popularity especially in the last couple of years, so keeping an eye on them is equally important.

Advanced Location Tracking

Location tracking feature is available in most monitoring, tools but none of them provide as much detail as Mobistealth. The users can keep an eye on someone’s location in real time and historically. This means that people will not only be able to see where their devices are at the current time, but will also be able to know where it had been in previous hours. This is a really helpful feature, especially if the phone is lost or is stolen. The users will be able to locate current and past whereabouts of their device and track it without much of a hassle.

A Useful Parenting Aid

Mobistealth can be of some use to all kinds of people, but its features can be incredibly helpful for parents in the modern day. Children like to spend most of their time on the internet and rarely share what’s going on in their lives with their parents. This is where a monitoring solution like Mobistealth proves to be a huge help as it enables parents to keep an eye on most digital activities of their kids so that they always have an idea about their kids’ interests, communications, friends, pictures and videos, whereabouts, etc.

An Ideal Assistant for Employers

Some employers also want to keep tabs on their employees to ensure that they don’t waste too much of their time on distractions at work, and instead focus on the tasks assigned. This practice has run rampant in the modern day as monitoring apps are being deployed in the companies all over the world. With the help of Mobistealth, employers can monitor most of the employees’ activities without having to leave their seat, which is a huge help because employers have a particularly busy routine and can’t deal with each and every employee individually on daily basis.


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