Why Add RumbleTalk Chatroom on Website?

rumble talk

RumbleTalk chatroom enables websites owners to add a chat to their online experience. It is a social engager for websites that allows users and website owners to interact with each other on a real time basis. This can be in installed in a form of pop up icon on your website sidebar or it can in a form of an embedded box on your blog page wherein registered readers can chat with each other. As we can see nowadays, even Gmail and Yahoo Mail have their own chatroom on their platform. It is a new trend nowadays to get instant interaction with each other through one point of interest, in the case of a blog – with the same blog that you are following.

How to Use your Chatroom

RumbleTalk chatroom is easy to install. You can embed the code on your website sidebar or anywhere in your page or as a floating toolbar. You don’t need to be highly technical doing this. The code is a JavaScript and can be embed in many popular platforms like Blogger or WordPress. It is important for us to be able to express our opinions about articles we read and to be able to ask our queries about products that interest us. But even though there are websites that have a “Contact Us” page wherein they post their e-mail address, it is still not enough for it may take time for website owners to reply to our e-mails. This is where RumbleTalk chatroom comes in handy. We, Readers, will be able to receive immediate feedback about our posts, opinions, and queries. With RumbleTalk, not only will we be able to communicate with the website owners but also, we will be able to interact with other readers in real time basis. Discussions about a certain article or product may be initiated because of the real-time chat. Also, this chatroom has the option to be able to back read previous conversations in the chatroom. This is helpful for it will give us ideas about what other readers think about a certain article or product in the website.


Chatroom widgets usually do not take much of a space in a website so it would never be a bother. RumbleTalk can even be minimized when used as a floating tool in your home page just like a Facebook chat. Also, this is easy to customize and install in a website. After creating the desired look of the chatroom, website owners only have to generate the code of the chatroom, copy it, and then embed it in the website. Some of the process may differ depending on the chatroom provider but the general idea is the same – it can be installed easily. For non-full time bloggers, you may wonder how this chatroom will help you reach your readers/customers if you are not always in front of your computer. Actually, RumbleTalk gives you the option to manage the chatroom even from your phone. Users can scan the QR code to get connected with each other.

Benefits of Using RumbleTalk Chatroom

For some basic reasons that you may find having a chatroom on your website can actually do wonders. It’s like getting a better social experience while connecting with your readers. While being able to respond to your followers in real time, you also get to retweet exciting lines from the chat or share them on Facebook. This is because your blog chatroom can use your Facebook or Twitter login for a more secured authentic login.

Still not convinced? You can try RumbleTalk chatroom for free. You can also see more information about the features and the demo in the website or see the Youtube video.


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